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Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Unfortunately, we never know what life is going to throw at us.  If you died suddenly, had to stay off work due to long term sickness, could your family cope financially? Our competitive life insurance can ensure you and they are financially protected if the worst should happen.

Your Life insurance could cover an outstanding mortgage balance and household bills. It would be great to know that you have done everything you could to ease your loved ones burdens if the worst should happen.

It is often a condition of your mortgage to have a suitable life policy in place, so make sure you have the best price and policy available.

I already have a Life Insurance Policy, can I change to a new company?

In most cases, yes you can.  If you took a Life Insurance policy out when you were taking out your mortgage or your circumstances have changed since you took out your policy then it is essential that you review your policy with an advisor to see if you have the right cover and are getting the best price.  This is especially true if you have had children or your income has changed.

You can change to a new policy with very little hassle and stress so see what is available for you now.

What does a  Life Insurance policy cover?

  • Life Insurance provides financial stability in the event of you or a partner’s death.  This could be to repay a mortgage or provide an income to your dependents.
  • Protects a single life, or a joint life such as a husband and wife.
  • Critical illness cover can also be included which will pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of serious illness..
  • A Life Insurance policy can repay a mortgage in the event of death, ensuring that family and dependents left behind are without the burden of this expense.
  • Replace the income lost as a result of a main-breadwinners death, ensuring dependents have the financial means to maintain their lifestyle.
  • If you rent your property you make want to provide a certain amount of rental payments for your family, for example you may want to leave 24 months rent 

If you would like to get more advice on what Life Insurance Policy would suit your needs contact us on 028 417 52062 now.







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