It pays to switch Home Insurance

A price comparison site has revealed that families in the UK are wasting £1.7billion a year because they can not ‘be bothered’ to switch home insurance providers. 73% of people questioned stated that they had home insurance but 34% said that they had never switched providers. This means that collectively, households in the UK could be wasting up to £1.7billion by not shopping around and getting the best deals. On average if they shopped around, they could save up to £95 a year. 32% of those surveyed said that they don’t switch because they could not ‘be bothered’. 29% said that they thought the deal they currently had was good so there was no point comparing prices. 22% of people believe that switching provider is too complicated. This is not the case. At refresh financial services our highly trained advisors can fill in the forms for you and come back with a quote. If you then decide you would like to go ahead we send you out the documents to sign and we sort out the rest for you.

We are in hard financial times at the moment and everybody is out to save some money. Shopping around for quotes does not only ensure you get the best value for money, but it can also ensure you have the right level of cover. So phone today on 028 417 52062 to see what we could save you!

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