How to make your Home safer – and cheaper to insure!

Our homes have many risks behind every door; however 2 of the biggest risks are burglary and fire. All Insurers take these into account when calculating the costs of your home insurance.

Premiums are based on ‘risky’ your home is. Insurers work this out by asking various questions to figure out how secure it is. i.e. locks on windows, doors, fire alarms etc. Here are some tips to help you secure your home – and hopefully also lower your insurance!

1- Locks: It obvious really; a locked, secure house is safer! There are many different types of locks so you need to ensure you get the best locks and have them installed correctly.

2 – Windows: These need locks too. Especially windows that are easily accessible, i.e. ground floor. Your windows should always bee locked when the house in attended. If you don’t, and you are burgled, and the Insurers find out the windows were not locked – you may not be covered. Like doors – better locks = lower premiums!

3 – Smoke alarms: All homes need a smoke alarm. They are cheap and can be fitted by your local fire brigade. They will save your life if your home caught fire. If you don’t have one, then not only are you risking lives but you will also pay higher premiums. Furthermore, insurers may not pay out on claims if you don’t have one.

4 – Burglar Alarms: The burglar alarm contributes hugely to the safety of your home and will have an impact on the insurance premiums. There are different types of alarms ranging from simple systems through to ones that can text you if you’re out or at work so you are alerted. The best alarms connect directly to the police or other security firms and these provide the best discounts on premiums.

By following these simple – yet effective – tips, you can and will save money on your insurance and you will make your home, your family and your belongings safer.

At Refresh Financial we search from a panel of top providers to ensure you receive the most competitive quote with the best cover that suits you. Our offices are located in Northern Ireland and our advisor’s are highly qualified and trained to be able to advise you on the best insurance. Phone today on 028 417 52062 or fill in a contact form and we will phone you at a time that suits.

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