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Accidental Damage can be a very important optional cover that you can add to your Home Buildings and Contents Insurance policy; to cover damage caused accidentally.

Accidental Damage Cover for Buildings

It provides insurance cover against accidental damage to the buildings. This includes fixtures and fittings, and any part of the structure or decorations. This could cover putting your foot through the attic floor or dropping a heavy item on your bath causing it to break.

In addition it covers accidental breakage to underground drains, pipes, cables and underground tanks providing services to or from your home for which you are legally responsible.

Accidental Damage Cover for Contents

You can also insure the contents of your home against accidental damage. This could cover you against spilling paint on a carpet or knocking over your television set.

Personal Possessions

You can take out Personal Possessions Cover under Contents insurance cover to insure against loss or accidental damage inside or outside your home. It covers articles which are normally worn or carried by you, such as watches, cameras, keys and bicycles.

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