Critical Illness Insurance

Have you ever considered how you and your family would cope financially if you suffer a critical illness? For example, cancer, a stroke, a heart attack, to name just a few.

Critical Illness Insurance can help ease your financial worries at a traumatic time for both you and your family. It can provide you with a cash sum if you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness during the cover term. This one-off cash payment could help to pay off your mortgage, provide funds to convert your home or cover any care costs.

You can financially protect your loved ones and yourself if you take out Critical Illness Cover. It automatically includes Critical Illness Cover for your children at no extra cost.

You can choose to cover yourself and your partner.  If you choose to cover both of you then the plan will pay a cash sum on the first diagnosis of a specified critical illness.

Your choices

Of course the choices you make will depend on your own particular circumstances.

When you make a claim you can choose to have Critical Illness Cover paid in any of the following ways:

  • A level lump sum.
  • An increasing lump sum.
  • A decreasing lump sum.
  • A level monthly income.
  • An increasing monthly income.

And you can choose this cover for a single life or joint lives:

Single life can cover

  •  Just yourself.
  • Just your partner.
  • Both you and your partner (two potential payouts).

Joint life covers

  •  Both you and your partner (one potential payout).

You can also add other covers to your plan to give you the right amount and type of cover for your own circumstances.

You can get a no obligation Critical Illness Insurance quote by clicking the link below and filling out some details. We will be able to advise you what the best insurance cover is for you depending on your circumstances.




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