Extra Contents Insurance Options

Contents Insurance Extra Cover Option*

The Extra option gives the facility to increase the Contents Insurance Cover up to a maximum sum insured of £60,000.

Insurance Optional Extras*

You can add some extras to your insurance cover to make sure you have insurance for additional items / events. Please see the extras below:

Accidental Damage Cover for Contents

You can also have insurance for the contents of your home against accidental damage. This could cover you against spilling paint on a carpet or knocking over your television set.

Personal Possessions

You can take out Personal Possessions Cover under Contents insurance cover to insure against loss or accidental damage inside or outside your home. It covers articles which are normally worn or carried by you, such as watches, cameras, keys and bicycles.

Insurance Tip

If you’re thinking of buying contents only insurance, it’s important to make sure you get the right level of insurance cover.  This will involve accurately assessing all the items in your home and establishing their collective value.

Having too much insurance on your possessions could result in you spending money on insurance cover you don’t need.  On the the flip side, too little of insurance cover could leave your items vulnerable and unprotected.

You can get a no obligation Contents Insurance Quote by clicking on the link below. We also offer quotes for other home insurance options such as Buildings Only Insurance and combined Buildings and Contents Insurance.