15million UK adults without Income Protection

A recent survey has found that 3 in 10 Adults are uninsured against critical illness and redundancy. However, the majority of people need a job and an income to afford the bills and costs of day to day living. We need to realise that these bills won’t stop – even when we are sick. Without a regular income, most of us would seriously struggle. If you are lucky enough to have savings and investments – they won’t last for long when you are depending on them everyday. This is why Income Protection Insurance is a must. It pays out an income to you while you are off work due to an illness or injury. This helps give you a peace of mind and helps support you and your family if you were to fall sick or have an accident. At Refresh Financial Services, we have various offers that you can chose from, i.e. single cover, joint cover, your deferred period etc.

Many people don’t understand just how useful this cover is. This survey also found that over 15million UK adults would be financially at risk if they were to lose their main source of income yet despite this, 15% of people see Income Protection Insurance as ‘unnecessary.’ Another 15% see Income Protection Insurance as ‘unaffordable.’ But just imagine going from a full salary income to depending on Government benefits for the unforeseeable future.

Here is an example plan to show you how affordable Income Protection Insurance can be with Refresh Financial Services:

(These figures are approximate values as it depends on your personal circumstances)

Age                Amount paid to you per month                   You pay per month

25                                £399.00                                                       £10.57

This cover means that you will be paid £399 every month for up to a year whilst you are off work due to an accident, sickness or unemployment. You can also alter the plan to what you want, i.e. accident and sickness for 24months or accident for 12months sickness for 24months etc.

So, phone Refresh Financial Services today on 028 417 52062 and speak to one of our advisor’s about the cover you want.

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