Have You Bothered to Reclaim Your Miss Sold PPI Yet?

A lot of people have still haven't claimed back the money they are owed from the banks.

We at Refresh Financial in Warrenpoint are experts in getting people their money back. One of our recent clients got £14,000 back,

Make it possible today, contact us on 028 4175 2062 or just pop your details in the form and we will call you back.

What is PPI?

PPI, Payment Protection Insurance (You may also know it as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover (ASU), Life & Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, Personal Loan Protection or Credit Card Repayment Protection), has been sold over the past 20 years to cover credit card, loan or mortgage repayments in case of accident, sickness or unemployment.

If you have or had a credit card, loan or mortgage then there is a good chance you were also sold a Payment Protection Insurance policy.

A lot of lenders mis-sold these PPI policies and this entitles you to reclaim the PPI costs plus interest.

To find out if you have been mis sold a policy just contact us today by filling the form and we will call you back or phone us on 028 4175 2062.

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Are You Entitled to a PPI Re Claim?PPI Testimonial for Refresh

If you had any type of credit in the last 6 years then PPI may have been added without you being informed.

In most cases you can check your monthly statements and the extra charge will show here but sometimes it is hidden, at Refresh Financial we can look into it on your behalf. 

You can still have been missold your PPI even if you were aware that the PPI was added to your account.  This is because it may not have been explained fully to you or your circumstances may have meant that you would never have been eligible to claim on your policy.

For example, if you were self employed at the time of taking out the policy or you had a pre existing medical condition.  You may have even been told that taking out the PPI would help your application for credit.


What Type of Accounts would PPI have been added to?

Could be entitle to PPI NIPersonal LoansCould be entitle to PPI NICredit Cards
Could be entitle to PPI NISecured LoansCould be entitle to PPI NIStore Cards
Could be entitle to PPI NIMortgagesCould be entitle to PPI NIHire Purchase Agreements

It may have been added to other types also so contact us today on             0800 121 48 63 if you believe you have been missold PPI.

Remember there are no upfront fees for our services and you only pay us when you get your money back!

So, what will you spend your money on?

Change your car, pay off some bills, a holiday or just save it?

Remember it is your money!

Remember we work on a No Win, No Fee basis.


Just in-case you missed our ad on Q Radio about providing PPI Reclaims for people through out Northern Ireland click below to have a listen.

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  • One of our recent clients got £14,000 back, make it possible, pop your details in below and we'll get you started today. 
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What fees do you charge for reclaiming my PPI?

We operate a no win, no fee policy. So, we will only charge you a fee if we can successfully reclaim your PPI.  If we cannot complete a reclaim for you then we won’t charge you any fee.

If we do successfully make a claim we charge you 20% of the claim amount.  This only becomes payable once you receive your money back from your lender.

You can see all of our terms and conditions about our service here - Terms & Conditions

Want to See if You are Eligible to Reclaim Your PPI Charges?

Simply fill in the form above and we will get in contact with you OR you can call us on 0800 121 48 63, or 028 417 52062 which is cheaper from a mobile.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all your original documentation, we only need very basic details to find out if you can make a claim.

Will a PPI Re Claim Affect my Credit Rating?

No making a claim on your account does not affect your credit rating in any way.  It is important to keep up all your contractual repayments during and after your claim.  Making a claim will not affect your account in anyway so you can still keep your credit card or loan.  The only alteration that may occur is the removal of the PPI from the account.

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